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Uravugal Thodarkathai 21-07-15 Vijay Tv Serial Online


Ishan was demonstrating all the photographs to the relatives and they were all glad to see that. They began teasing him. While seeing this Aparna considers her past.

The scene starts with Gautham getting some information about his adoration with Vidhya. Seenu was irate however puts on a show to let him know that Gautham needs motivation to leave Vidhya. Seenu lets him know that on the off chance that he is truly worried about Vidhya’s life he wouldn’t have hitched him and it demolished 3 individuals’ life. Gautham proceeds with that there is no misstep on Vidhya’s end yet she endures and he needs to see her upbeat and asks Seenu whether he can keep her cheerful constantly. Seenu was tranquilly listening to his discussion.

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